Mateo and Susu | A Boho Wedding at the Acre | Orlando Wedding Photographer | Snaps by SO

This wedding was extremely special to me as it was not only the union of two very close friends of mine, but a Snaps by SO team member getting married! After I stopped the gorgeous Susu in her tracks at a wedding I was shooting several years ago and begged for a chance to take photos of her, the then introduced me to and recommended her boyfriend at the time, Matt, to become one of my team members. I’m so grateful that she did because I couldn’t imagine him NOT being on my team, and it led to an extremely close friendship between all of us. On our very first car ride together (almost two years ago now!) Matt told me how much he loved Susu and that he wanted to put a ring on it, move her in, and put a baby in her belly. Fast forward to 2015 when he did all of those things! Right after they landed on a date for their wedding they found out that Susu was expecting. I didn’t think it was possible for Susu to be any more beautiful, and then I saw her pregnant. They were very untraditional in that they got ready together and left me plenty of time to take all of their gorgeous photos BEFORE their ceremony. The best part was when they revealed Susu to her son, Urielito. He thought she looked so beautiful! The three of them walked down the aisle together, untied as a family. Congratulations to the two love birds and thank you for entrusting me to capture the special moments!

To see their engagement photos, check them out here!

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