Happily Ever Owens | A Wedding at the Cypress Grove Estate House


Michael and Rose were married on April 2nd, with a ceremony and reception at the Cypress Grove Estate House.

These two are friends of Brittaney and Jameson. It’s always wonderful to be able to connect with old couples—and to know that they liked us enough to let their friends hire us!

When I met up with Rose on the day of the wedding, she was worried sick. The weather forecast was grim—it was supposed to storm ALL day. She was devastated, because her dreams of having beautiful photos in the outside greenery were diminishing in front of her. But—always thinking of ways to make the day easier for my couples—I arrived armed with over half a dozen clear umbrellas. There were enough for each couple in the formal party as well as the bride and groom.

When she saw what I’d brought, Rose’s eyes lit up. She didn’t care about getting wet, as long as it meant she could have her formals outside. She kept watching the area where her ceremony site would be, hoping that maybe—just maybe—the skies would clear and she could get married in the beautiful spot in front of the lake she had always dreamed of. 

Before the ceremony, we set up the first look, with Rose’s dad and two brothers in front of the house, and Dad’s face was PRICELESS! When Rose put her arms around Michael, he couldn’t resist and spun around, not waiting for our cues, though luckily we already had our cameras going. 

After the first look, we took photos in the rain and then called out to the formal party to get their portraits done. While we were taking pictures, the sun burst out from behind the house and banished the rainy skies—prompting us to literally toss aside the umbrellas!

Rose got to hold her ceremony out in front of the lake after all. Although the wind knocked over the table with the unity sand (prompting us to skip over that part of the ceremony), it was beautiful to watch. After the ceremony, Michael’s father brought over a vial (that used to be filled with bubbles) that he had filled with sand from the ground, so that they still had their forever mixed sand. How cute is that?!

After that, we roamed the estate grounds, delighting in the beautiful weather and taking some of the most beautiful wedding day portraits we’ve ever taken! You could feel the explosion of love through all the photos. 

Then, it was time to PARTY—and boy, did this group ever! The DJ, Scott Thompson, kept things moving and the time zipped right on by as everyone danced in the beautiful lakeside air. When the night was over, we sent them off with a fabulous sparkler exit. 

Thank you, Rose & Michael, for allowing us to be part of your amazing day! We truly loved being part of it, and we wish you nothing but the best!

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