it’s nice to meet you

I’m Sara

photographer & adventurerer


First and foremost, I am a mom to a beautiful and independent kiddo named Jezebel. In the very rare spare time that we have, you can usually find our little family unwinding somewhere in nature with our massive Great Dane, Luna Lovegood. Fun fact: we hiked a chunk of the Appalachian trail with Jezzy on our backs just after she turned one! It was exhilarating and exhausting at the same time. I wouldn’t describe myself as a very serious person, which is likely why I’m laughing in basically every photo ever taken of me. 

I have an unhealthy addiction to plants, churros and putting mint in my coffee. My plant obsession recently spread to our outdoor landscaping after we purchased our first home in the lovely little town of Mount Dora, Florida, and we are currently growing much of our own fruits and vegetables and hoping for a fantastic future harvest. I also fancy myself a writer, corny-joke teller, animal lover, wannabe foodie, travelling book nerd, and yogi, all rolled into one 6’2” ball of enthusiasm and quirk.

my story:

the reason why

I am a wedding photographer


I come from a long line of love stories. My grandfather gave my grandmother a ride home on the handlebars of his bicycle one evening and proposed to her six days later. They were together 56 years before he passed. My own parents met and fell in love in a refuge camp in Italy and were together nearly 40 years before my father passed. For my fiancé and I, it was literally love at first sight for the both of us. Love is such a beautiful concept and the joy that it brings is just infectious. My couples are a constant reminder of how amazing it can be when the right two people find each other. 

It’s really hard not to love my job when every day I go to work, I’m spending my day immersed in quite literally the best day ever for my couples, which is probably why my team and I are always in such a good mood! All of the wedding planning finally comes into fruition and there’s a ton of bubbling emotions and excitement, and my team and I love capturing it every moment candidly and authentically (with a little guidance on where the best lighting is and what to do with your hands) from all perspectives, so that when our couples receive their wedding photographs, they are able to relive the whole story of their wedding day again and again, happily ever after.

bride and groom walking through lush green trees and wildflowers on the side of gambill estate wedding venue

“Love is the water of life, drink deeply.”

– Michael Scott