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I am SO excited that you have chosen to celebrate your body and beauty and treat yourself to a luxury boudoir session at my studio in downtown Mount Dora! I have a serious passion for empowering and uplifting other women, and my favorite way to do so is to make them feel confident and sexy in the skin they’re in. I have taken intimate portraits of women of all different body shapes and I am here to tell you that all boudies are beautiful! Boudoir sessions are filled with laughter, good music, and pure goddess vibes. I can’t wait to add you to the list of women who feel amazing in my Orlando luxury boudoir photography studio!

What’s included in the Session Fee?

A private studio space (fully equipped with a lounge couch, upholstered furniture, floor-length mirror, bed, and headboard), pre-shoot consultation, wardrobe and styling advice, professional hair and makeup, guided posing, FULL access to client wardrobe, a 90 minute photography session, and professional retouching is included in the $500 session fee due upon booking.

*Digital and product collections are sold SEPARATELY

Boudoir Facts and Questions

  • Pre-Shoot Consultation
  • Complimentary professional hair and makeup
  • 90 minute photography session
  • Use of studio space and all furniture
  • 4 outfit changes
  • Full access to the boudie closet
  • Guided posing
  • Styling and wardrobe planning
  • Same day viewing + ordering session

Pre-Shoot Consultation: This is where we hop on the phone, I get to know you, you tell me all about what you’re hoping to achieve with the session, we talk about style and your hopes and dreams, and we put together an overall vision for your session. 

Professional Hair and Makeup: This is our favorite part – you get to come in, sit down, and get beautified. We work with fantastic Hair and Makeup Artists that know how to enhance natural beauty and help you love yourself a little bit more. 

Boudie Closet: FULL access to the Boudie Closet, which is filled with high end lingerie ranging in sizes from XS – 2X, sheer robes, and body jewelry! 

The Photoshoot: The photo session is also included in your session fee! It’s about 90 minutes of shooting time, but the whole experience takes about 6 hours including hair and makeup, the session, a break for lunch, and your private same day reveal. 

If I had a dollar for every woman who said that to me at the beginning of their session, I wouldn’t have to work anymore! Let me squash every lady’s biggest fear from the get go: I do NOT expect you to show up knowing what to do! Not only will I guide you through every pose to help you look and feel your best – complete with squeals of encouragement while you’re SLAYING the session – I will conjure your  inner goddess and capture her on camera. All joking aside, you can trust that I will maneuver you as needed and you will always get a demonstration of each pose by me first, which will likely shake all of your nerves because watching me pose is like watching a clumsy giraffe attempt to be graceful.

Every woman deserves to love herself exactly how she is, but every now and again a nasty pimple or an ugly bruise can really throw a monkey wrench in the flawless plan. Rest assured, temporary blemishes always get taken care of but I usually keep my editing to a minimum. I strongly believe that the right posing and properly fitting lingerie can boost your confidence more than altering your physical appearance. You will have an opportunity to let me know your UNcomfort zones so that I can be prepared to de-emphasize those insecurity areas 🙂 


Please keep in mind that I hold my client’s privacy requests in high regard so I am limited to what I am able to share on the internet. We work with bodies of all ages and sizes because EVERY BODY IS BEAUTIFUL! 

Don’t let your age or your weight stop you from celebrating how beautiful you are – we are here to show you that women are beautiful in ALL phases of their lives! The boudie closet features lingerie ranging in sizes XS to 2X and we welcome all of you 🙂 

If you plan to use the images from your luxury boudoir session as part of a gift for a birthday, anniversary, or wedding gift, please be sure to book at a minimum of 6 weeks in advance! Image reveals with preliminary edits are same day but product orders can take up to 3-4 weeks, so it’s better to have more wiggle room than less. 🙂 

Collections range from $1,800 – $4,500, with our most commonly booked Collection coming in at $3,000. 

A’la Carte options begin at $1,800.

Zero interest prepayment plans are available!

Not unless you say it’s okay! Every image featured has been preapproved by my clients and your privacy is my utmost priority 🙂 

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