Game of Thrones Wedding at Ever After Farms | Jessica and Abraham

The moment I met Jessica and Abraham, we hit it off instantaneously when we discovered that we were all Game of Thrones nerds and I couldn’t even pretend to hide my excitement that they were going to incorporate the books/show as a major part of their Game of Thrones wedding theme! I knew that they had a special kind of love: a pure, joyful, comfy kind of love that lovers who are lucky enough to also be best friends get to experience. The pair decided to celebrate their love at one of Orlando’s most popular wedding venues: Ever After Farms – The Blueberry Barn, a stunning and elegant barn venue complete with twinkle lights, stand alone archway, and a huge oak tree with a canopy wide enough to make any romantic heart excited.

The day of this Game of Thrones wedding the skies were blue and a cold front that had just blown through a few days before really gave everyone the feeling that WINTER WAS COMING (at least it felt that way for all of us Floridians!). I fell in love with the doors of the barn and ended up needing to hang the bride’s incredible mermaid gown on the front of the barn AND inside, where the sun streaked through the windows like a total dream. Abraham, the man who always has a smile ready for everyone, was an absolute perfect husband to be before the wedding and busied himself in the hours before the wedding with final preparations before getting in his stunning blue suit, ready to meet his bride down the aisle.

During our initial consultation, Jessica mentioned that one of the most important moments of the day to be captured for her was Abraham’s expression the first time he saw her coming down the aisle, and I am pleased to say that we caught Abe blissfully teary-eyed with joy on that exact moment. 🙂

The formal party was a perfect representation of FIRE and ICE with the ladies dressed in red gowns and the men in slick grey suits. In lieu of traditional bouquets, Jessica opted for golden triangle terrariums, bursting with luscious red blooms, and the groom popped nicely against his groomsmen by having a suit of a different color. This group was insanely fun to work with!

We were blessed with an AMAZING golden hour that led straight into a sherbet style sunset that we usually only get to see at a few weddings a year. We wandered all around the Blueberry Farm field for the bride and groom portraits and towards the end, we even brought out two Iron Thrones that were MADE BY THE GROOM! I’m not sure if the chairs or the couple were more popular that night, haha.

About those RECEPTION DETAILS THO – gold glitter table liners, candelabras, and simple greenery, and the tables were given an added touch of elegance with when the bridesmaids’ bouquet terrariums were repurposed into table decorations. The bride and groom enjoyed their own throne couch complete with the dragon egg that Abraham used to propose to Jessica with. Non-traditional in every way, the couple chose to have just a cutting cake and have the main dessert be a donut wall (YUM!) The barn reception at their Game of Thrones wedding was all things twinkly but the best part of the night was DEFINITELY when Jess disappeared for a few minutes only to re-emerge and give Abe his very own dance! Please, please, please, appreciate Abe’s expression as he watched his bride basically set fire to the dance floor with those swinging hips!

A HUGE thanks to all the vendors that helped make this Orlando Wedding such a success:

Orlando Wedding Venue: Ever After Farms – Blueberry Barn

Orlando Wedding Photographer: Sara Ozim Photography

Event Coordination: Katash Events

Florals: CDC Floral

Hair and Makeup: L. Santana DesignsOfficiant: Sensational Ceremonies

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