New Smyrna Beach Engagement Session | Kimberlee and Kyle

Kimberlee and Kyle are friends of several of SO couples, and while I’ve captured them as guests at receptions, this Saturday night New Smyrna Beach Engagement Session was finally the time for the two of them to be in the mainframe. When these two met up with me for delicious donuts for their initial consultation and we got to know each other, I pitched the idea of their engagement session is at one of their favorite places on earth: the dog park at the beach. It’s a place that they frequent often, and by the looks of it, Cooper (the pooch) sure knows his way around that beach! Sessions like these are definitely my favorite because it is an opportunity to literally freeze time on some of the memories that they will definitely look back on later in life and remember with fondness. 

Before we were even halfway through their New Smyrna Beach Engagement Session, Kyle was saying how it was way more fun than he had thought it would be, and we laughed our way through an incredible sunset. A shoutout to Kimbo’s MOH, Whitney, who played the role of my assistant, and brother, who played with Cooper while I took pictures of his parents. 🙂 I can’t wait for their wedding in October!

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