Orlando Hot Air Balloon Elopement | Jenny and Ivan

bride and groom pressing foreheads together inside basket of hot air balloon with balloons all around the horizon in the air

It was a perfect Sunday morning in May for an Orlando hot air balloon elopement. Jenny and Ivan were giggling and bubbling over with excitement at the idea of ditching wedding plans and  eloping during hot air balloon ride by Painted Horizons Hot Air Balloons, and I was marveling at the fact that I had forgotten how beautiful sunrises could be.

I had met Jenny and Ivan at the beginning of their engagement, nearly a year prior to that sunny Sunday morning. The lovebirds were pregnant during our consultation and were looking forward to a huge celebration with family and friends after the birth of their son. Fast forward to a few months later, when the handsome little man Dean was born and shortly after, I got a phone call from Jenny. She told me: “The wedding is becoming too complicated. I think we want to elope.”

We immediately switched gears! Ivan had originally planned to propose on a hot air balloon but as Jenny was pregnant, safety prevented them from the experience; they wondered aloud if we might be able to plan a hot air balloon elopement, instead. Of course, I was THRILLED and jumped right on board with the idea. If I could spend all my days capturing elopements in Orlando, I absolutely would! There is so much joy and excitement when a couple chooses to elope – all the stress of the wedding day simply vanishes!

And so, one beautiful Sunday morning in May, we rose before the sun for Jenny and Ivan’s  special Orlando hot air balloon elopement. Jenny had her hair and makeup done by Lauren Walsh and just before we hopped into the balloons, I was able to capture the bride and groom giggling like high school lovebirds as they slipped their rings on in the van and dressed each other in a field – modesty be damned.

We took photos on, around, and in the hot air balloons and afterwards we traipsed around the fields, popped bubbles of champs, and even tried to hitch-hike with the bride (don’t worry, we got a ride from Painted Horizons back to our vehicles).

Congratulations, Jenny & Ivan, on your gorgeous hot air balloon elopement! We were honored to be a part of your amazing day.

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