Orlando Orchid Garden Wedding | Lauren and Ryan

Lauren and Ryan were married in a beautiful Orlando Orchid Garden Wedding in January with the ceremony at the St. James Cathedral. 

These two met at a Christmas pub crawl, and they can’t even remember what their first date was because they were too busy having fun hunting, playing golf together, and just having a blast!

Lauren and Ryan’s stunning wedding took place in several historic places in downtown Orlando. They got ready at both houses at the Courtyard at Lake Lucerne. The ladies were loving the view of the luscious green trees from the balcony. January is definitely the month to be married, in my opinion, since not only is it my birthday month (thus, the best one, obviously) but the weather in Orlando is usually incredible—perfect for relaxing before the big day. And the guys were in the other house sporting American flag socks and watching the inauguration—what a memorable way to spend the morning!

Once everyone was dressed, we zipped down the road to St. James Cathedral for the official Catholic ceremony. From there, we bounced all around downtown Orlando for bride and groom portraits, finishing up at Stagger Inn, where they hopped up on top of the bar! 

Possibly the most important location of the day, though, was the reception at the Orlando Orchid Garden. Lauren’s parents had been married at Rosie O’Grady’s, an epic historic part of Church St. in Orlando which has sadly been shut down. Orchid Garden is right next to where O’Grady’s used to be. I loved that personal touch.

Once we were at the Orchid Garden, JW Jaeger laid down the tunes, and the crowd danced the night away. We were all feeling so good that there was even a worm dance challenge, and—get this—the bride won. Yes, you read that right. She got down in her wedding dress. *mic drop* By the time these two had left with their sparkler exit, they had set the bar pretty damn high for the rest of my 2017 weddings! Lauren and Ryan shared with me their favorite parts of the day. Ryan stated: “Seeing Lauren and the end of the night when everybody danced in a circle surrounding Lauren and I.” Lauren exclaimed: “THAT KISS!! Holy cow! Ryan really laid it on me hahahaha. That’s how you enter into marriage! That and getting announced as man and wife with the wrong last name! #Larsons”  I couldn’t have better summarized their wonderful outlook on life in general.

Ryan & Lauren, thank you so much for allowing me to be part of your epic day. You two are so, so much fun, and I loved every second of the day with you two!


Coordinator: Kasinda Wheeler

Dress: Anna Maier from Solutions Bridal

Hair & Makeup: Makeover Station

DJ/Lighting: JW Jaeger with FyerFly Productions

Florals: Fairbanks Florist

Caterer: 4Rivers Smokehouse

Venues: Orchid Garden


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