Hi there! I am Orlando wedding photographer who also serves the areas of Saint Augustine, Savannah, and North Carolina... really, anywhere there is passion - I’m passport ready!

I would love to tell you a little bit about myself as an individual - because you probably want to actually like the vendors that you are going to spend the most amount of time with on your wedding day, right?!

First and foremost, I am a mom to a beautiful and independent three year old girl, Jezebel. In the very rare spare time that we have, you can usually find my family and I unwiding somwhere in nature; either on the water, hiking, or in a tent. Fun fact: we hiked a chunk of the Apalachian trail with Jezebel on our backs just after she turned one!

I also fancy myself a writer, corny-joke teller, animal lover (we own two fluffy kitties and a Great Dane named Luna Lovegood), taco and pizza obsessed, travelling book nerd, and yogi, all rolled into one 6’2” ball of enthusiasm and quirk.