There's something absolutely incredible about the power of a photograph - it has the ability to draw back memories and stir up emotions from deep within your soul upon just one glance at a frozen moment in time. I love photography because of the impact it has, and I truly love capturing people in a vulnerably happy state. I fell into wedding photography when I picked up my first camera at 13 (Canon), shot my first wedding at 16, and capture an average of 35 weddings annually. I vibrate at a high frequency on wedding days, gleefully capturing and celebrating every moment alongside my couples, and immersing myself in all of the details, curating a story through photographs for each couple to remember for the rest of their lives. I learned on film and still shoot with film as well as digital today, more commonly known as Hybrid Wedding Photography.

If I had to define my style, I would say that I am a light-obsessed emotional photographer. Not that I sob behind the lens while working (although when the vows are handwritten and the love story is moving, I definitely get teary), but that I live for real, authentic, emotion. I want to capture each couple, exactly as they are, as as joyful as they should be. The struggle is most certainly real with the obsession for finding or creating beautiful lighting, and each one of us is prone to squealing with excitement when we find the "perfect" kind of lighting. When I'm not behind the camera, you can usually find me somewhere in the woods with my main squeeze and our beautiful toddler, disconnecting from society, so that I can approach each wedding with a blank creative canvas, ready to be filled with beauty.