Estate on the Halifax Saint Patrick’s Wedding

couple dancing underneath tree covered stone archway at a estate on the Halifax wedding

This St. Patrick’s Day themed Estate on the Halifax wedding was filled with green and gold accents, and lots of love, laughter, and BEER. When I had my initial consultation with Ashlynn and Tim, I spent the entire evening laughing, and we all became instant friends. They told me how they met through Tim’s sister, Tami, and fell in love while also becoming the best of friends – and I could see it in the way that they interacted with one another, that they had truly found their forever in each other. They chose Saint Patrick’s Day because it was their favorite holiday (and lucky for them, it fell on a Saturday that particular year!) and because neither of them could remember what day they first started dating. The Estate on the Halifax provided a quirky and fun venue for guests to celebrate love and shamrocks.

They decided they wanted to be able to enjoy cocktail hour, so we did a first look on the property and as it turned out, it was BOTH of their favorite parts of the day! Ashlynn reflected “My favorite part of the day was our First look, being around a bunch of people in the morning was amazing but also a little nerve racking. We had a lot to do and a bunch of details to remember. When I was walking to Tim for the first time for our first look I was so nervous. As soon as he turned around it was like everything else disappeared, he was the only thing that mattered in that moment. I could feel all the love and excitement right then and there, even thinking about it now almost a month later it makes me teary eyed with happiness.

Tim agreed, saying: “My favorite part of the wedding was the first look. The anticipation of waiting for Ashlynn and then it built up even more waiting for her as she arrived but I couldn’t see her. It finally culminated in the first look and it was absolutely perfect. After that just being able to spend thirty minutes alone, along with our wonderful photography and videography teams, was something I will always remember. A close second for me was the ceremony itself. My cousin, our officiant, did a great job of keeping things light and comical. A combination of seeing Ashlynn beforehand and the lightheartedness of the ceremony really kept my nerves away and allowed me to truly enjoy the day.”

First Looks are ALWAYS our favorite part of the day because it means that we have extra time for portraits (more of those to be seen later on in the post) and I love delivering the news to the formal party that they get to be dismissed to cocktail hour because we knocked all of those out ahead of time, too – I basically instantly become everyone’s favorite person! 

Remember how I mentioned those stunning bride and groom portraits before? Well get ready, because the property is beautiful and the sunsets are absolutely AMAZING! 

After enjoying the tail end of their cocktail hour during their Estate on the Halifax wedding day, Ashlynn and Tim headed into the Tavern for their reception, which “looked like something out of a movie. The string lights allowed for a twilight effect and everyone’s favorite part was the Polaroids on the tables. Ashlynn loves pictures and allowing everyone to capture moments that they thought were important truly made the wedding an experience for everyone.” We love the string lights, too! They let us add a magical dynamic to capturing the reception.

I asked Ashlynn and Tim if they had any advice for the newly engaged, and here’s what they had to say:

“If I could offer one part of advice it would be to truly stop and enjoy the day, no matter how much planning you do things will go wrong. Take some time to pause and remember moments, things will go by so fast that it will hard to remember everything that happened.”

I like to ask couples how their experience with us was during their Estate on the Halifax wedding day, and they made my heart melt with their response: 

“The SO team was amazing, Sara your happiness and love for what you do is infectious!!! You truly made our wedding day perfect. We got so many compliments about your team from the organization to even helping us with my nephew. Before we met you we were so worried that we would not be able to find a good photographer. As soon as we met you we could tell that you truly had a passion for couples and you really took the time to get to know us which we appreciated more than you’ll ever know. Your fearlessness and excitement is amazing, we enjoyed every second of it. We can’t thank you enough!!!”


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